SSCU Trench Wars - The Free Online Multiplayer Spaceship Game

SSCU Trench Wars - The Free Online Multiplayer Spaceship Game

SSCU Trench Wars - The Free Online Multiplayer Spaceship Game

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Warbird Duelling Guide
by Epinephrine

The following is a guide on how to improve your skill level while playing a Warbird in Trench Wars. Although the most serious gamers will benefit by far the most, anyone who has a positive attitide about this can pick up some pointers that will improve their overall game. I recommend progressing through this tutorial slowly. It usually takes me a week to properly teach someone, and in some cases a month. So don't expect miracles overnight.


Please note that this guide is for serious people only. Although anyone can benefit from this, only the serious student will be able to master this. Ideally if I taught you in person it would be better, but of course I cannot teach everyone, so this will reach more people! Also if you are not serious about trying to improve your skill then you may find that what I taught you might not be all that useful. This is not a fault of the teaching, it is just that to learn anything you should have a serious attitude if you wish to succeed. Also this is obviously not the only way to play a warbird. The way I play is based mostly in using your brain. I don't have too many inate skills at Subspace, and I rely on my brain and thinking to succeed. Please know that before you start reading

1. Attitude

The most important thing when playing anything is attitude. No matter how much you know, how much you practice, if you don't go in with a positive attitude you cannot succeed. Attitude is not getting worked up over anything. If you die, you die and you move on. Your only goal is to play well for yourself. Remember, if you try 100% all the time, then after a while trying 100% really won't seem hard at all, it will be completely NATURAL. In fact after trying 100% to be good all the time, you'll find it hard to play bad unless you're specifically screwing around.

2. Concentration

It is very important to have good concentration while playing. Even if you are a master, concentration always helps. Anyone remember Jeraden? Remember when he was really good? He never ever typed a single word while playing. Sure he uses a gamepad, but thanks to that he can concentrate. From observation and experience, if you concentrate completely on the GAME and only on the game while playing you will play better. If you want you can listen to music, but it's a bad idea to watch TV or talk to someone in real life while playing. It's also a bad idea to read anything anyone types while playing. Because of the nature of Trench Wars, you can die even by reading for one split second from a stray shot. Do what you must whether that means typing ?lines=0 or just ignoring all typing it using mental will. Try not to drawn in a conversation while playing, because then you'll die for sure. Also if you die, resist the urge to be mad and/or spam or type anything. The second your fingers leave from the playing position you've lost your concentration. Concentration takes a long time to properly build in no matter what it is you're doing. If you already have good concentration from a real life activity then you are advantaged. If not, you really do need it to do well. Finally don't pay attention to your record. Thinking about your record WHILE PLAYING will just screw you up. Think about that after, while you're playing... just play.

^top3. Remembering your Mistakes

I remember watching a documentary on this Russian goalie from the 1970s-80s.. Stalankov was his name I think. He was probably the best goalie ever (he managed to stop Wayne Gretzky and Canada in the 1984 Canada Cup I think). His personal philosophy was, anytime he made a mistake and let a goal in, he would remember exactly what he did. He would have a mental image of the events leading up to the goal, and how he managed to not to be able to save the puck. Then he would make a mental note that he would never make the same mistake again, and he never did. That is how he became the best goalie in the world. The same applies in Trench Wars. After you get killed, it is best not to dwell on your deaths at all. Just remember how you died, remember what you did to get in that position and make a mental note NEVER to do it again. Obviously you aren't perfect and will probably make the same mistake again, but if you try very consiously to not do that, you will play better!

4. Set Goals

As I've mentioned if you try 100% all the time, and you set yourself some goals to reach you will undoubtly do better. Goals are only a guide to help you, and they do work. Here are some sample goals, which work the best in elim as you get constant feedback but work anywhere else:
1) Try for ranking, every week try to improve your ranking
2) Improve your kill:death ratio. Start a just a bit better than what you have now.. then try and aim for 2:1, then 3:1, then 4:1 if you ever get there.
3) Improve the amount of kills you get. After you are comfortable with your kill:death ratio, or even while you're trying to improve that, try and improve the amount of kills you get per game. Remember the more kills you get, the more fun it is, and the more of an impact you will have on anything outside of elim.
4) Win games. Win as many games as you can. When you try to win, you try much harder than under any other circumstance!

5. Playing "Lame"

I'm personally against playing lamely in games. My defination would be playing like Nemo. Basically hiding in the back, and waiting until everyone else dies out so then you have so many lives left you will win even if you suck. That's no way to play. First of all it's boring, and second of all you won't get better playing like that! Try your best to contionously kill people, but stay alive by dodging and having situational awareness (more on that later). Hiding just makes you a loser and no one likes hiders! In my book unless you average at least 10 kills/game in elim then you aren't good. And yes I'm including all games to 1/3/5 in that equation so ideally you should get around 15+ kills per game to 10 to be able to completely average 10 when you type !rank to Robo Ref. In the league or DM sense, if you aren't killing you aren't helping your team win. Simple as that.

^top6. Staying Alive

With the last part firmly in your mind it is still important to know that staying alive is important. Your kills won't matter for anything if you die out! Finding a good balance for yourself between getting kills and not dying is important. When I was playing at my peak I would get kills continously, averaging around 17 kills per game and I won around 70% of my elim games (usually lagged out of 10% of them ). In league games it is VERY important not to die out. Whenever you die out, you leave your team at a HUGE disadvantage. Just don't play so far in the back that you don't any kills, but don't die out